Sustainable Design

ProTerra Design Group, LLC specializes in sustainable design, managing complex projects and providing innovative design solutions that align with low-impact and conservation principles. Partner with LEED® Accredited Professionals to design an energy-efficient structure or site that employs sustainable practices, alternative energy sources, and green building materials. We can also consult with your team to provide sustainable site strategies.

Work with us to integrate open spaces and allow for natural processes in all aspects of site design, selecting suitable “brownfields” and “redevelopment” sites to help lessen or eliminate your carbon footprint. Integrate technologies such as grey-water storage and reuse, solar water heaters, and photovoltaic panels to reduce your reliance on non-renewable energy.

Our designs meld seamlessly into existing landscape and land resources, incorporating the Earth’s natural processes including biofiltration, wetlands treatment, and water re-use over traditional pipe and storage systems. We also design drainage solutions that rely on impervious surface disconnection, infiltration increase, and re-establishment of natural drainage patterns. When you employ recycled or locally produced building materials, you further reduce carbon emissions associated with lengthy transportation chains while, in turn, supporting local businesses and the local economy.

ProTerra-designed LEED over traditional practices can trim your utility costs, increase efficiency, decrease waste, foster healthier indoor environments, and boost productivity. Sustainable design can also increase overall occupant comfort levels while improving indoor and surrounding aesthetics. Recent studies show that LEED-certified buildings provide a two percent greater rate of return over non-LEED construction.*

When you work with ProTerra Design Group, not only will your project be sustainable but the design process itself will have a minimal environmental footprint because we’ve taken great strides to conserve natural resources at our office. Contact us to discuss your project, today.

Sustainable Design Services

  • LEED® Project Certification
  • Wind Energy Support Services
  • Photo-voltiac (PV) Support Services
  • Low-impact Development
  • Sustainable Consultation
  • Water Quality and Quantity Evaluations
  • Building Materials Assessments

Contact us to discuss your project, today.

* Kats, Greg; Leon Alevantis, Adam Berman, Evan Mills, Jeff Perlman (2003). “The Costs and Financial Benefits of Green Buildings: A Report to California’s Sustainable Building Task Force”